The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Long and Windy Road....

My Heavens!  It's nasty outside!  I have no idea how bad the gusts are, but they have to be over 50 mph, as we regularly get 35-40 mph wind here in Tri-Cities.  INSANE!!

It's interesting to see the different reactions from friends and family to our decision to RV full time.  Even our own reactions are different depending on the day!  I know it will be an up-and-down thing, especially for Pirate.  He has worked every day of his life since age 11--how is he going to cope with 'not being productive?'  He woke up in the middle of the night the other morning...gripped in fear.  Is this going to work, is it the right decision, what about insurance for my Kitty, what, what if, what if...He is so protective (that's who he is, a Protector) that it's natural for him to be hesitant.

We know we won't be bored, there is so much daily maintainence involved in Rving...he can also pursue his hobbies in The Clubhouse.  Take off on Rosie the Road Glide, take a bicycle ride around the campground, take off in the truck and explore...but the daily feeling productive, that's going to be an issue for him.

Gosh, there just isn't any way around health insurance.  We will just have to plan trips to Yuma, AZ...or across to Mexico.  Also, since he served during war-time, he will get VA bennies...ahem, he needs to check into that...ahem...  but only Pirate can calm his own fears and worries.

Just found out it would take only 8 weeks to custom order our RW 395 from Heartland...very cool.  We were worried that if it would take months, how do we fit that into our schedule, etc.  If we have to order, it will be because we won't want all the options, and most RW 395's (the few out there) are fully loaded off the RV lot.  Unless we find a great price, we're not gonna pay an extra $5000 for the super-duper generator, don't need the rear-facing convertible sofa in the garage area, do want hitch cover, electric awning, stabilizer jacks, etc.

We've also been discussing what do we want to do at the END of our adventure?  Right now, we feel we could park the Gypsy Rose and just live in her at the end, but after 10 yrs, we may decide different.  Just can't  plan for everything! :)  Who knows, we may be out 2 years and run into unforeseen somethings that change the game?! The unknown is part of the attraction!!

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