The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, May 10, 2010

Now we're talkin'...

Can't wait until Kitty is in the picture!!

Finally, we are totally on the same page.  I think the unknown was really bothering Pirate.  I've been the one doing all the research, as that is 'my job.'  I usually read the info on whatever we are focused on and boil it down to the least he needs to know...guess that wasn't a real great idea in this case. LOL!

I found a great book, the 'Idiot's Guide' for RVing...found out the real deal as far as keeping our weight down--the 5er, not ours, LOL!  We aren't going to have a whole lotta weight left...yikes!  Pirate is already prepared to take the kitchen, tools, and gotta have more tools.  You can do anything with the right equipment, right?  We're only going to have slightly less than 5000 lbs to work with, and full tanks can weigh 1500 lbs all by themselves.  The bike is over we really NEED to take that Traeger, Dear?  And your tool tower-stand...and...and...we'll be so heavy in that garage that folks will call our rig Sparky!

Well, since we have such a long time before we have to get seriously serious about all of the details, we have time to wean him down...I hope.  That first weigh-in is going to be a real eye-opener!  And no, we won't travel with a full fresh-water tank unless we plan to boondock (camp without hookups).  But 60 lbs of LP (propane) will weigh 240 lbs all by itself!!

We are so lucky that we won't have to deal with making our own water--WOW, my dear, sweet friends who sail have to deal with that issue on a regular basis...and deal with the salt.  I have even more respect for my K2 and her Capt'n now that I understand the lifestyle better.  What troopers!  And we won't have to carry our own water purification plant, won't be without fresh water and good old electricity very often on dry land.  But it is so interesting how similar the RV life is to the Marine way of life.  No wonder our big rigs are called 'Land Yachts!'

Everyone keeps asking us where we're going to go first...we just say, "Anywhere we want!"  But we've been thinking where our 'shake-down cruise' should be, and we're thinking Arizona, where we have dear friends we can go visit for an extended stay.  Our dear, dear riding buddy is building a house in Tuscan, and he's a gear-head, Harley-riding, retired boilermaker whose middle name should be McGuyver!  We figure if anything goes wrong along the way, Richard can 'make it better!'  Also have a fellow Harley-gypsy living in Mesa, AZ that we'll spend time with....and what better fun than to load his bike in the garage and take him a few days or so out, then have Pirate ride half-way back with him while I hold down the fort! Can't wait!!!!

I had Pirate re-watch the videos on the Heartland website...he was going to buy a pressure washer---why?  The rig comes equipped with one on the outside--with hot and cold water to boot!  He forgot about all the bells and whistles the Road Warrior comes with.  A call to our local dealership and we found they won't be stocking the 395 RW...they prefer the Cyclone (because it's about $20k more than the RW series) and tried to talk us out of it. Just told him that IF they get one in, call us.  Otherwise, we will be ordering in probably Feb-March...maybe Dec if the deals are that much better to relieve them of their inventory off a lot, but doubt it.  RW is a new line, with 2010 being their first year.  That's ok, I found out I can order exactly what I want, right down to my own hybridized decor.

It's kinda weird to think that by next Mother's Day, we'll be all but!

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