The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Roll me away....

I just shared Bob Seger's Roll Me Away on FB...gets my heart every time!  I crave getting back out on the's one of those, "If ya have to ask, you'd never understand" things, but it's the whole reason why we're doing the we can ride...and ride...and ride....and ride!  We can have our babies with us, we can have a nice place to rest each night so I can physically still ride...I haven't been on a road trip for quite some time now...not since the 07 round of surgeries.  It's like a huge piece of my soul has been put on hold and slowly it is wilting...there is no other feeling in the world like climbing on back of a two-wheeled rocket and snugging up to my husband, becoming one with man and machine--fluidity, grace, nimble thru the curves...having our own language that has nothing to do with words.  someone please come take care of Boone for me!!  I has a NEED!

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