The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I LOVE Heartland RVs!

As if I wasn't already sold on this company...they just keep coming thru!  Every question I ask is answered in a timely fashion, the quality of their product is beyond compare (value of features, quality of materials, price) and they are just darned nice, to boot.  They never ignore me...and I haven't even purchased my Chariot yet!  WOW!  

They are going to let me have the main fabric I prefer, but put the exact shade of surrounding upholstery, too---even though it's not a 'normal' combo.  Leave it to the Kitty to be anything but normal! :)  The black that comes with the Kona decor was just too much--don't want heat-absorbing black...but I love the 'flame' pattern.  How cool!

Things are really coming together, we're finding out info and getting our time-line down....soon after Labor Day weekend 2011, as we have a very, very special wedding to attend on 9-10-11!  :)  After that, it's ROAD TRIP time!  Heck, we can even pull the Gypsy Rose to the church parking lot and not have to drive afterwards...just in case we end up celebrating a bit too much.  hee heee

I just can't explain the pleasure we're getting out of giving away our worldly possessions to our kids.  Amy and Tracers are getting better with the whole idea...we can't take it with us, and we can't throw it all  I got to surprise Miss Tracie with a very cool Harley-Davidson purse that I got at a 'Jerry's Kids' silent auction...paid $150 and it was half off at that!  It should last my sweet girl forever...HD makes the best products, built to hold up to the abuse of riding, etc.  Not that I've ever seen someone carrying a big ol purse on a bike, however.  I personally carry a back-pack, and it serves to keep the things I NEED close to me at all times, plus it's so nice to lean back against.  The Miche bag that I have now is all the purse I'll EVER just change the shell and have a different purse without having to remove the contents and transfer everything to a different one.  LOVE IT!

OK, laugh for the day:  When I came home from the grocery store yesterday, Scooter's toy was caught under my you can see, it didn't stop her from trying!!

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