The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just Give it Away....Give it Away....

...and a great Sunday to all!  Yesterday Pirate took some things over to Heather and Manix...took his Little Pupper, too!  Scooter Boots is doing so great being Daddy's Hangout Pal.  She is very patient while waiting in the truck, and was a Super Good Girl over at H & M's...even with all the puppy distractions.  

Scooter is still GLARING at me..she KNOWS it's my fault that terrible noise occurs, LOL!  I've made so super nice friends over at, and there is even a DVM on the Pet Forum.  Seems this product, if it's going to work, is the most humane device on the market.  I did read at the PetSafe website that sometimes crinkly plastic will set it off, but so far, no problems.  Our neighbors across the courtyard tried it, and it didn't work for them...darn!

Well, my Tracie is on the Laters, Gators!

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