The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, April 23, 2010

Starting to start to get ready to start

Hey, all my friends and family...included the extended ones! Probably won't have too much to say a first, as we are not planning on leaving the 'stix & brix' until Summer 2011. But as I deal with nuisance neighbors, calm the dog from barking at the seems it can't get here soon enough!

Our Plan:

Buy a Dodge 2010 Ram 3500 short bed crew cab turbo diesel truck, then buy the Heartland RV Road Warrior toy hauler model 395. Hit the road!

We will be traveling with our two Service Dogs...Boone is 7 in May, and Scooter was just 3 in November. They are both Miniature Schnauzers, with Boone being our 'natural born' furkid and Scooter, a rescue we acquired when she was 9 months old. (sad, sad story I'll tell sometime when I'm bored)

We have 3 grown children, no grandbabies yet. We are both in fairly good health, although I do have a disabling nerve condition and several orthopedic issues. We have always taken road trips on our Harley, but hate leaving behind the Schnauzies. We had always thought--side car! Yeah, side-car, that's the ticket. Wrong! Our male, Boone, developed Type 1 diabetes last year and is now 95% blind with cataracts. He needs constant 'Mommy attention.' And since he is a seizure alert dog, I need his constant attention, too!

We are very fortunate to have a buyer for our condo who is on our same time frame.  We won't have the usual worries of realtors, commissions, and the headaches associated with all the negotiating.  We have a nice long window in which to unload the treasures and baubles we have acquired this far...lots of time for the hard choices of keep, give, sell...But every thing we take costs us weight and fuel, so it has to be either very special or very vital. :)  Our youngest will be very happy to learn that I actually threw away some raggedy dog toys today.  And yes, Tracie, it DID hurt! LOL!

Thanks for signing on to our journey and hope we get to see you along the way!  Happy Trails!

The Kitty

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