The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, April 26, 2010

Meet the Pups

This is our (almost) 7 yr old diabetic, Boone

Our Little Rescue Girl Scooter 3 y/o

Aren't they just the sweetest Schnauzies you've ever seen?  Unless, of course, you have your own--or I should say...are owned by one!  Schnauzers are so sweet, smart, loving, and they love to play jokes on their owners.  Sometimes people see these dapper little guys and think, Oohh, I want one! --but they don't research the breed.  IF you think you want one, know this:

Miniature Schnauzers CRAVE their people like an addict craves their drugs.  You simply CANNOT leave a schnauzer alone for long periods of time or they will die!  If not literally, they will die inside.  This is how this breed gets it 'yappy' reputation.  I am so lucky to be home with mine and spoil and lavish attention and love on them 24/7.  Please consider this if you are thinking about a schnauzer!!  It can make the difference between a happy, healthy pal or a nervous, mentally out-of-control mess.  Our Scooter was in just this situation.  She had also never been groomed in her 9 mons of life.  This is a huge commitment to own a schnauzer...they need grooming every month for their entire lives.  They do not shed like most dogs, so their hair just keeps growing--including their eyelashes, ear-hair...and when we got Scooter, her feet were so misshapen!  She was literally walking on TOP of her claws.  Time and love have made the difference.

...and honestly, they aren't so great with children unless raised with them from day one.  Just sayin'!

Do not BUY while thousands DIE...rescue or adopt a shelter dog today!

The Kitty

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