The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Thursday, April 29, 2010


 Good Grief, we have a lot of CRAP! LOL!  I've really been on the "sorting of the stuff " this week...I'm kind of surprised that it's harder than I thought it would be on our oldest, Amy.  She still hasn't had enough time to process all of these changes.  That's so interesting, that making a life-decision effects so many other people.  It's something very important to realize before making a decision as drastic (to some) and freeing (to us) as dumping your entire house and living in a 40 ft portable chariot-hauler.  In the long run, the kids will get more enjoyment and more happiness from the items they 'inherit' by receiving them while we are living...but Amy said this makes her so sad...aww!  I don't want her to be sad!! :(

I guess it's harder on her because she lives so far away (Bellingham) and Tony & Tracie are here in the same city.  Heck, Tony only lives 2 blocks away!  So the two T's get to be more of a part of it...Amy, you are so important to Dad and I!!  I'll bet this way we get to spend MORE time with ya, Hon.  We can just park near your house, you and Pops can take off on the Road Glide while I watch all the pups! :)  I know, ANY change takes time to get used to it.

Every story that we've read about getting an entire household into a 40 ft space says we will pare it down to the bare bones, then go weight the rig...and find we still need to take less!  Our goal is to come in under-weight on the FIRST scale-stop!!  We'll see how we do.

I am going to keep my Kitchen-Aid, but instead of taking a blender, I'll look for a multiple machine that you switch it up and it's a blender, a food-processor, etc.  I'm glad we got our little "motor-boat," as Emeril calls it, blending has a ton of attachments, but isn't powerful enough, IMHO, to do the job of a 'real' blender.  We are starting to cook like we're on the road, too.  And grocery shop...everything!  I want to get used to cooking without having left-overs...get my timing and temps down.  I've never cooked on a gas stove-top, so THAT should be interesting, too!  :)

It's going to be hard on us to leave the kids...that will be the hardest part of the whole adventure.  Tracie and I have never been apart...nor Tony and Pirate.  Thank the good Lord above for all of the communication tools we have available to us now-a-days!!  

We are REALLY going to miss this little girl the MORST!

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  1. Kitty,

    You have so much love to offer. Like you said, change is hard when it affects us so directly. You know, this is what me and Tim plan on doing...down the road. We are SO excited for you two. Love to you and the Pirate! Arg! ;-)