The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, April 30, 2010

Cooking & Shopping...or "How to Untrain your Housecat"

Think about all of the 'extra stuff' that you have in your pantry right now.  The stuff you bought because it was on sale $5 for 10, or the old, "I'll need this to make that recipe when I feel better."  We are trying to eat only from our pantry until we get it dwindled down to a more manageable level.  We're going to start shopping, cooking, doing laundry and cleaning as if we are already on board the Gypsy Rose.  This way, I can start figuring out how to cook for 2 with no leftovers...Tony won't be there to take them off our hands!!

I am also going to challenge myself to use only cash, even grocery shopping.  Groceries have been our biggest expense lately, (gee thanks, Uncle Obama and Aunt Gregiore) so we'll see how we do.  Winco, Grocery Outlet, Farmer's Exchange on Weds...Pasco Market on Sats...this is what we intend to do on the road...fresh veggies at stands and markets, supporting the smaller guy--helping out our poor, over-taxed, under-appreciated hard working American farmers and growers.  I am also challenging myself to only buy American!

I love that our truck-to-be and our RV-to-be are 100% American.  One thing we really appreciated about our Toyota was that it was made in Cali...but the parts were all Japanese.  We get to choose how to spend our hard-earned dollars, and I think China has had enough of mine!  On the road, if I don't bake my own 'goodies' I plan on buying them from bake sales at schools we encounter, market stalls in the farmer's or flea markets we stop at...if we can help a kids' group and get a sweet treat...AWESOME!! :)

Yep, I think this 'old Kitty' can learn a new trick or two! 

Boone keeps telling Scooter there won't be enough room in the RV for HER toys...only his!!

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