The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I found the BEST sandals....

Rafter Sandals
$14.99 @ Sportsman's

These are SO comfortable!  Regular flip-flops just kill me between the toes...these are made of cloth!  These sandals are so comfortable, they almost feel like wearing slippers!  And they are made to be worn in the water...SWEET! :)  

It's amazing, but for the first time in my life I feel focused, excited by having a goal.  I had always heard the advice:  You can do anything if you see it from the end...and it's TRUE!  Saving $ is easy now, too!  I can eat a plate of beans now in trade for a sunset off Key West!  Choices!!  It's all about choice.

Sunday I did give Miss Tracie her cookbooks, and it felt SO GOOD to give them to her.  I'm glad we are giving the kids their 'treasures' now, so there isn't a sadness surrounding the items.  The kids won't have to say, "Yes, I got this when my Dad died, or I received this when Mom passed."  The best part is the way it makes Pirate and I feel to give.  It makes us so happy to make the kids happy, so it's a win-win-win-win!!

Pirate and I have been so inspired by a young couple in our lives that we call 'our kids.'  We didn't get to raise Heather or Manix, but they are OURS, just the same.  Heather and Tracie have been friends for just forever, and we couldn't love them more if we tried.  Heather & Man have been going to a series by Dave Ramsey on saving...when she told us how much they were able to save, WOW, we were ever put on notice!   We can, and are, going to do that.  

A super-awesome tip I read was to save back 5-10 % of the total value of the TV (tow vehicle) and the 5th into a 'repairs account' each month.  For the first few years, we more than likely will not need to use any of this money, but should a major repair be needed, we shall be covered.  This weekend we are going to spread out the financials and get a honest look at the big picture, make our plan, estimate how much it will cost us to live full time on the road, etc.  Don't want to just 'leap into the abyss' and struggle.  No more letting life just happen--we are in charge of our destiny...and it feels SO good to have a plan, a goal...wonderful! :)

Time to get busy and get these Schnauzies walked and settled down.  Can't remember what movie it's from, but there's never been a truer statement:  Cuz ya gotta have goals!

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  1. You are giving me the chills. I am SO excited for you. You are right, this is a good way to handle the inheritence, while your still alive and can benefit from watching them enjoy it! You guys have so much time ahead of you to enjoy your new lifestyle together. I can't wait to get there myself.