The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cottonwood, AZ

We found a really neat little spot here for two days.  We'd tried finding a place as we came into Flagstaff, but it seemed I had trouble either getting someone on the phone, or the published number was wrong, etc.  We parked at a Lutheran Church when it got dark and were up and out before 7 am.  I called Turquoise last night and not only did they answer right away, but they were the friendliest folks I've talked to in some time!  That's saying a lot, because I sure know lots of friendly people.  They we waiting for us when we pulled in.  They lead us to our spot, noticed that a tree limb was in the way and removed it on the spot so we could back out into an better spot.  They moved their picnic area so we could fit our monster in!  Turquoise Triangle

We're paying for two nights what we paid for one at Zion's Park.  There aren't many amenities, but we don't mind.  It's so quaint here.  It reminds me of my mother's garden, with lots and lots of whimsical signs, lawn ornaments, flowers, trees, quite areas to relax in the shade.  Not someplace for kids, as there isn't a playground.  There are mainly permanent residents, some in older rigs, but everything is clean and kept up.

What impresses us the most is the customer service!  They wanted no deposit via credit card last night on the phone, and when I went in to pay I was given a treasure trove of literature about the area along with the sweetest little note-pad holder with slots for the little arrows in various colors to tag pages, etc.  Also two very, very nice pens.  I know, some wouldn't give two hoots over these, but to me it showed how hard they are trying in today's environment.  With the attitude and friendliness they show, I'd stay here even if it was just a parking lot.  I just love all the little touches, and everywhere you look, you discover another hidden goodie...a gnome over here, a kitty, an eagle, oh...there's a fox and a cougar! Oh, My!  This old hippy biker chick's kinda spot, for sure.

I know I'll see so many by the time April rolls around, but I saw my first wild little litty bitty lizards today!  If Miss Tracie or Number One Son Tony were here, we'd have to check dresser drawers and closets for pickle jars full of new 'pets.'  Tracie and I laughed about that tonight on the phone.  She 'rescued' frogs and such so much as a never quite knew exactly what she was up to at times.  Some of the things she's told me now that she's an adult!!  LOL!!

We are staying through to Saturday morning, with around 100 miles left to go to Buckeye, AZ.  Tomorrow, we are going to ride to Jerome and play around the area.  There are a ton of activities near, including Montezuma's Castle.  Not sure where we'll end up, but I do know we will have fun!

Thanks for sharing your time with us...I'll have pictures of more than lizards tomorrow...perhaps!  =)

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