The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

While I've wifi access....

Willie in his tube 
 Pirate washing windows at a fuel stop
 Willie in his Go-Kitty Bag on my lap after the 100 miles of crying
No bars, no wifi...peace and solitude 
 Willie after we stopped...he ZONKED out!  Notice how everything in the loft shifted?
Zion's Park 

 Shots of the rig at Zion River RV Resort
This one is my favorite 
Wow, we're LONG! 
 just travelin' tattooed white trash! It's expensive to be white trash these days!
view from the resort's doggy run 

 meditation tent?  That's what I'd do in there...
 nice set up for kids
It's beyond beautiful here

We're glad we chose this park, even though we now have to backtrack to 14 to meet up with good road to get to Page and down to Flagstaff.  We went by the other park we were looking at in Springdale on the Harley and the road down into the park is worse than some of the roads we've seen!  NO WAY would we take the Gypsy Rose down there!  Since we're too tall to go through the tunnel at Zion's, we have the choice of 59, which is bad road, we've heard, or going north to 14 and then hit 89 on down.  I'm glad it worked out this way...God knows best!

Pirate caught up with the boys today and they are out riding.  We rode by ourselves yesterday through ZP and even though I've been through there before, it still takes my breath away.  I broke into "How Great Thou Art" from the back of the bike!  You cannot look at this much beauty and not want to thank a Higher Power.  It's just amazing!  We stopped at the Thunderbird Cafe for lunch in Mt. Carmel Junction.  Stop in for some of their Ho-Made Pie...quite the interesting story and worth the stop.  Nice gift shop, too!

Even though Zion River RV Resort is on the spendy side for us ($55/night for a 70ft PT), all of their sites are made to could stay here for much less, but we wanted all the bells and whistles for our first 'real park.'  ZRR Park  The folks are so friendly and nice, and we met the most wonderful couple from Houston who are part timers.  They suggest that when we visit San Antonio, we go to a little German town about 30 miles out.   scroll down to New Braunfels  They highly recommend it for something interesting other than the usual stops and it's less expensive than staying in SA.  

Willie and Scooter are beyond happy that Mommy stayed home today with them.  Willie had gotten very sick yesterday when we got back from riding.  He needed a bath, let's just leave it at that.  Poor kitten!  Traveling and we were foolish and feed him a french fry at our Walmart stop.  Never again!  He was  probably crying because his tummy hurt and mean old Mommy made him stay in a cage.  We certainly hope this was all it was, because he has many more miles in his future!

We continue to learn about our new home.  We found out the reason we didn't have cooling to the fridge was because ours is a two way, not three way fridge.  Judy, thank you for the ideas and advice and to Rick for explaining it all to me.  We can't even put into words how much we appreciate the support and feeling of family we feel from all of you!  Thank you thank you thank you!

We still haven't decided if we'll stay another night after tonight or just start heading south again.  Hopefully our next stop will have communication with the outside world other than the times when less than four people are on the resort's wifi, lol.  It is beautiful here, but it IS remote!  The town of Virgin doesn't even have cable service.  But we're liking the 'unplugged' way of life more and more....see y'all down the road and out on the Black Seas!


  1. Good to "meet" you on our blog today. You will find great support from the blogging community.

    We visited Zion and Bryce BEFORE rving. Can't wait to go back and spend more time.

    If you plan on going to San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country make sure it is during Blue Bonnet season - early Spring. What a beautiful sight!

  2. When you hit the Black Seas towards Texas, I will have plenty of advice. Glad you are learning and having a good time.

  3. Glad to see you are doing well and enjoying learning about your rig and RVing in general. It just takes a bit of time, but it's all fun.

  4. great shots of Zion!! the shot of the rig!..maybe that one should be the header for a while??

  5. Great pictures!! Enjoying your blog. Brings back memories of when we first started our adventure!!

    Safe travels!!

  6. Love seeing your pictures since that is where we'll end up in a few days. New Braunfels is the neatest place. We loved it. And be sure and check out the Harley place there. We got to meet the owner and he is the nicest guy. And we don't even have bikes. Told us we could park in his parking lot the next time we came through that area.