The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cat Woman

Cheep entertainment

Have you ever had the pleasure/privilege of watching a kitty 'chatter' at something, especially another animal or a bird?  It is beyond entertaining!  They make a fast 'mewh-mewh-mewh' noise deep within their throats and, if you're lucky, this is accompanied by frenetic tail swishing.  Willie was swishing his tail so hard it was thumping and I would not be surprised if he bruised his widdle self!  He was actually whipping it around like a horse whip, with sweeping arcs and a definitive pattern was involved. In all of my kitteh-owning-owned-by-kitteh days, I've never seen such drama...and I've spent most of my life surrounded by cats!

You can tell by my name that I'm a fan of cats, and most of my friends and relatives come to me with their 'cat questions.' "Why is she urinating outside her box?"  "What does it mean when a cat _____?"  Usually I know the answer, too!  Miss Tracie has also been a lifetime member of the cat-worship club, and finds her friends doing the same and coming to her with their cat questions.  I love this!!!

Cat worship has nothing to do with ancient Egyptians, although they seemed to have had their priorities straight in that regard.  Cat worship is defined by cats as the act of chin rubbing, ear skirtching, and tail twining with fingers.  ANY act by a human designed to show love and adoration for said kitteh qualifies as cat worship.  See, they have never forgotten how revered their ancestors were...and expect the same!  

I have never read a history book to any of my cats, so I don't know how they found out about Egypt, but they all seem to know, anyway.  I know they watch television, and this could be the problem.  Do you leave the television on for 'company' for your cat?  Dust the remote for cattyprints, and I'll bet you'll find tabby-toes on the History Channel and also the Animal Planet.  It's a scientific fact that cats do NOT want their MTV, so it may be the dog that changes the clicker to THAT channel. 

Life is just so much more full and fun with a cat in it...unless you're a dog with prejudices.  I've been pretty lucky and have never had to call my schnauzers off from one of my own kittehs...they are ready, willing, and able to chase 'stranger-cats' but never 'their' cat.  Could it have something to do with the symbiotic-treat relationship they in, if you're giving treats to one, you gotta give treats to the other. ??

Scooter has been a little out of sorts today, and we're wondering if it's because we've been paying so much attention to Willie the past few days.  The Gypsy Rose has always been her special place, with Willie only visiting.  Scooter keeps trying to go back into the condo each time we walk the grounds, and when we did let her back in, she wasn't very happy to see all of 'her thangs' not there!  We'd kept her out because of all the chemicals involved in the carpet cleaning...don't want something on her paws and then have her lick it.

I'm very glad that we've been able to plan for such a long time...we've been at this for about two years now. In fact, I remember thinking back then that we were jumping the gun and digging in way too soon.  Those of you just starting out, please know this:  There is no such thing as too soon to plan for a major life change!  Scour the internet, books, magazines, etc to your hearts content...sign up or even start a blog!  There's nothing like writing it down for the world to see to make it all seem more 'real.'  

Two years ago, when this 'idea' was born, we'd never even been in an RV before, let alone had any idea what all was involved in caring for one.  There is so much to learn and it never hurts to rent or borrow one just to make sure you really want to do this...or CAN!  We didn't, but we already knew this would be the only way to take the pets with us when we ride the motorcycle...we're just kinda learning as we go!  How's that for stepping out there in faith!!  LOL!!  

And as we finish the final touches before we can take off, we're glad we've had so much time.  Hopefully, Willie will be quick to adjust to the driving/riding in the truck part, because you do NOT want to leave your animals in the fifth wheel during flight!!  Can you imagine how you'd feel if when you opened the door of your RV only to find a cat with a broken leg,  or worse?!  I'd worry about those sudden stops and Willie jumping just as that happened.  Just don't do it!!  Or get a motorhome so they can stay in their spots whilst you drive.  

Just ask the Cat Lady!

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