The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, September 19, 2011


 the portable ice maker has been a wise investment
 Willie's tree fort fits perfectly..Scooter is in her doggy bed below the TV
 not much fits in this cupboard above the toilet
 baskets are your friend
 huggable nicely
 these are the oddest sized compartments..7 x 10
 the only spot for towels and linens are in the bedroom closet
 this is where we keep Willie...under the bed skirt
 this toilet paper stand eliminated the need to hang the plastic roll holder that came with the Coach
 kitchen cubby hole
 looong tall cupboards...see why my stepladder is my friend?

 since we don't really use the oven
 it's all about balance
 the pink is rubber shelf great between the glass pans and lids
 lil blurry...
I have a real garbage can now!

I'm sure that I'll change things around once we get down to AZ and spend more time in the kitchen.  So far we haven't used the oven or stove top...or the BBQ.  It's been either out to eat or microwave fare.  Time is just too precious right now to cook 'real meals.'  It's been cool the last two days, but has been so hot, we haven't been hungry anyway.  I do plan on using my crock pot quite a bit...I love Janet Groene's recipes for the slow cooker.  

This last week is going to go fast.  Pirate's goal is to get the Man Cave arranged so we can load the Harley.  I'm getting nervous about traveling already.  Considering the mountain range we had to cross on the trip home from Michigan, you'd think I'd realize we're fine...but I suffer from a profound lack of depth perception, so I get uptight.  I'm that lady that pulls waay to far away from the gas pumps and can't get the hose to reach, lol.  I can't SEE where it is, darn it!  Don't worry, I don't drive much, so y'all are safe...hee hee.  It's also why I am of absolutely no help when we park the RV.  I can't tell if it's 3 feet away, 3 yards away, or 3 miles! I'm so blessed to have married such a patient man!

Pirate drove a total of 1500+ miles this weekend.  What a grueling trip it was, but once he got to Tracie's, it was all fun.  They had a blast and he had so much fun with her friends.  Tracie has the 'cool Dad!'  She is beyond happy to have all of her things out of storage...she said it's like Christmas!  Now all of her paperwork is in one spot, too.  I wish I could have gone, but it wasn't a pleasure cruise.  I'd have been so stoved up...bless you, Pirate!  I missed getting more hugs in, but will get to see her at Christmas. 

I love my home!!  I'm so glad I mentioned to Christine that one little line in an dream coach.  She took it and ran with it and we are so glad she did.  I'm still amazed at how much more the local dealers are charging for the same's called highway robbery!  And everyone was so nice and so one pushed us or tried to intimidate us...General RV has our forever loyalty!  

I sure hope these pictures help someone else...I had no idea once I got my Coach how I was going to deal with the odd sized storage, and there were no pictures out there on the internet to help me.  I'll do more pics once we get down to AZ and are more settled.  I'll do garage pictures then, too.  Right now, it's a disaster zone, lol.  

Send up a little prayer for Pirate...he has to give up his laptop today.  We're going to start sharing mine, plus we have our smart phones.  This way, we don't have to buy Tony a new computer.  I just have to set up his printer and we're ready to roll.  We sure couldn't have done this without all of his help...he's really been Pirate's right hand.  Oh, it's time to start the coffee pot! Now I'm off to read all of YOUR blogs!  Thanks for the comments yesterday, too.  I truly respect you all and value your advice and opinions.


  1. It takes a lot of creativity to get an RV packed and you have done an excellent job. Especially with Willie. Are you going to slowly wander down to AZ or are you on a mad dash to get there? lol

  2. Lol, thank you...Willie sure likes his spot. We plan to take a week to get down...hoping to spend at least 3 days in Moab, UT exploring on the Harley. I really, really want to experience the cliff dwellings and arches. Have you been? Any good ideas about parks? =)

  3. WOW! You have a very beautiful home! What a fantastic kitchen. The counter tops are amazing and I love the cabinet paint color. Great job!

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  4. Wow, can't believe you can live in that. Good luck

  5. Looks like it needs to be cleaned up an reorganized, can't believe you posted pictures of that mess!

  6. LMAO!! Go ahead and hate on my blog all you still counts towards my pageviews...whatever you do, anonymous, do NOT click on the ads on my blog...DO NOT do it!! If you're signed in as anonymous and click on my ads...I get fired from Google Ads and can no longer publish my whatever you do...I repeat, whatever you do...don't click on the ads on my blog!!!!

  7. Our RVs are in a similar state of mess :) Guess what? Life's too short to walk around with a feather duster and a maid's uniform...unless that's your cup of tea. I'd rather be on the beach playing in the sand. Thanks for keeping it real.

  8. I'd just like y'all to know that if have any ideas of how you'd organize, please share with me...I do know that we will be rearranging. I would have dearly loved to see these pictures as a new RV is a blank canvas...greenhorns need love, too! lol Maybe anony could suggest some ideas since she is so concerned for us?