The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, October 3, 2011


This one is my 'lizard' in Cottonwood, AZ
 Aloe growing 'wild' in Cottonwood, AZ ...he's by the bottom leaf

 Scooter watching Daddy load the Big Scooter
 A Lit'l souvenir from Turquoise Triangle 
 Unloading in Buckeye, AZ
 Home for the next 7 months
 This is from before they brought us our picnic table.  They drove Pirate around to eight different spots so we could pick out the exact site we wanted.
 Our own palm
 Desert Dog
 "I am learning to pee on surfaces other than grass...I miss grass!"
 Our living room in the desert
Pirate & Kitty having fun in the sun!

Leaf Verde is a wonderful park.  We are close to everything!  Major shopping is about 2 minutes away, yet we're tucked into our own little corner of town.  The freeway runs by the park, close enough to hear the traffic, but not close enough to be annoyed about it.  I'm sure once the park starts filling up, the rigs will help baffle the sounds.  

The amenities are awesome here!  The pool area is gorgeous, there are 3 dog runs, including one section that was just planted in grass.  Shuffleboard courts, basketball, heck, you name it.  There is a rather large mini mart where you can buy necessities without having to leave the property.  Each night the park is patrolled by two staff members, so we feel very safe.  

Speaking of staff....all I can say is, "Where did they find all of these nice people?!"  Everyone is beyond friendly here.  Your wish is their command.  Everything is so clean and there is not one speck of junk or uncared for plantings on the property.  

The very best part of it all is how I'm feeling.  I haven't woken up tuff once since we got down here!!  Praise the Lord!!  There have been two thunderstorms since we got here, but I couldn't have told you to expect them like I usually can.  I didn't even have to curl up on the couch in pain!  I'm loving this!  

Willie is VERY happy to be staying stationary!  I did use the 'calm down drops' on him last night when we left to have dinner at our friends.  WillBilly does fine when it's he and Scooter alone, but does NOT like to be alone without her.  The drops worked!  He wasn't glued to the window treatments when we got home from dinner like I thought he would be...yay!

Today, Pirate is riding the Harley over to Mikey's house and they are going to go exploring while I take the truck and go see what stores they have here.  I've found the Walmart, and saw where the PetsMart is.  Now time to whittle down that shopping list.  You can never have enough hooks or velcro straps in an RV! =)  Hope to see y'all soon........have I mentioned how much I love my 'house?'  LOL   ----MUCH----


  1. 4 months in one spot is our longest stay. Looks like a very nice place to spend time:)

  2. glad you love your house on wheels!..enjoy your stay!!!..sounds like it is going to be a long one!!!

  3. I was in Arizona last October, during a Rt 66 trip. I plan on going again someday. It was beautiful!!

    Looking forward to seeing you explore the area :)

  4. Glad you are feeling better and like your new spot. We almost stayed there last winter for a month but ended up going to Tucson. We had friends who did stay there and enjoyed it. :)