The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trying out a new template, so let me know what you think!

I am having a hard time with it as far as ease of use for me, but as a reader, you can choose how you read the blog.  My issue is the options at the top right are no longer there for me to quickly reach the dashboard.

We flirted with disaster this week...we almost bought a house down here in Buckeye.  The houses are just so cheap!  And we're talking luxury homes, with marble counter-tops, tiled floors, garden tubs in the master bathroom with walk in closets.  Ok, it was the garden tub that got me.  I miss having a bath!  But we would have to furnish it, as we gave away or sold all of our stuff.  Thankfully, we came to our senses before we went too far.  We just know in our hearts we are supposed to be mobile.  It's what fits for us.

Today is the one year anniversary of our Boone going to Rainbow Bridge.  I've gotten all of the snot from my nose and wiped my tears...well, Scooter came over and licked the tears dry, but you get the idea.  Boone was our 'once in a lifetime' dog.  I love that saying, which I heard from another resident here at Leaf Verde.  Her love was a boxer.  We cried with each other out at the dog park,  telling our stories and it felt so good to share Boone with someone who didn't know him.  I've decided that instead of cry because I lost him, I'm going to celebrate his one year anniversary of being able to see again at Rainbow Bridge...of no longer being in the pain he so stoically hid from me...of being able to run again, to FLY thru the air!  Miss you, Momma's!!

the zebra tat is the memorial

Thank you, to my Inkslinger, for helping to heal me with love when he painted the oil portrait of Boone and for going that extra mile when I requested a tattoo with B's ashes in the ink.  Boone walks with Mommy Forever!

Pirate spent the day running around the Greater Phoenix area with his pal Mikey today.  When we were looking towards the sky tonight to try and catch a glimpse of Sky Lab passing by, I asked Pirate if looking at the stars made him feel small.  He said, "Nope!  Driving in Phoenix traffic does, though!"  All I know is I'm thankful he didn't buy out the Bass Pro Shop even though they spent two hours in their store.  I love it when these two get together...they are so good for each other's attitude.

For my vaping friends...I'm trying out a new atty...a bridge-less atty!  It has a bit of wick instead of a bridge and so far, so good.  I got three, as they are often out of stock.  I need to get with the exploring around here.  Google swears there are three vape shops here in the Valley, but I bet they are just smoke shops that sell e cigs.  Hope not!

May you all take a minute and reflect on those you love and tell them so today.  Take the time, because you never know what tomorrow may bring...and tomorrow may be too late.  Love to you all, RV Family!  And Sandra and Ardean, please know how special you two are to us.  We'll be there in March if you're serious...


  1. okay I found out where to comment..I do prefer the old template..just saying..
    hope you have a great day..glad to hear you didn't make any random purchases!!

  2. This is an interesting layout. It is not difficult to figure out. Makes it easy to scroll/preview postings. Click on any to read. It would take a bit to get used to the layout but I can see it has a future.

  3. I'm going to give it about a week, but I'm leaning towards changing it back...It's a mess trying to get where I want to go with it...but then, change was never my strong suit!

  4. Couldn't stand it, lol...changed it back.

  5. Tattoos look really classy on grandmotherly women.