The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, October 21, 2011

Daddies and Daughters

Rest in Peace Dale

I let those on Google + know that my daughter's father passed away Tuesday. This blog entry will have nothing to do with RVing, just so you know that up front.  I'm finally able to write it out, so to speak.  This one is just for me and my Daughter.

If you're still reading, I'd like for you to come away from this post feeling inspired to right any wrongs in your past, to forgive, make peace, step forward, go the extra mile...because this is a cautionary tale with a happy ending...sorta.  When Trace was 4, her father and I divorced.  He was very upset, and decided that to leave the area would be best for him.  He would come visit Tracie, or his parents would take Tracie to Oregon, but slowly the times became less and the time she was 7, she no longer had contact with him.  

There is no judgement...I get it.  You stay away for a bit because it's easier and hurts less to reinvent your life.  Then time passes.  Then more time passes, and you turn around and it's a year, it's two years, it's 17 years and you don't know HOW.  You're so afraid, you just keep doing the same thing, because that's what you know.  I am so glad that his new wife helped him seek Tracie out and supported him through reuniting with her.  Things didn't go so great with the rest of his family, but the most important relationship went beyond his wildest dreams.  

During the time he was gone from Tracie's life, I met and married that ol Pirate.  He became her Daddy, her friend, her man she can always count on.  Tracie is so blessed to have gotten not only a biological father, but a man who loves her unconditionally and will always be there for her in her step father.  (We don't use "step" 'round here...we're all just family.)  And the one person who can always make Tracer smile is her Dad Pirate.  Even through the tears on the phone Tuesday, Pirate was able to ease his youngest daughter's heart with lightness and love.  I love and respect that so much in my husband.  See why I'm over the moon about this man?!  He's just amazing....

Please take the time, right now, to comb through your mind and see if there are any regrets you can fix, any love still to give, any mistakes or choices to change....Dale died from an accident in the home...something that could happen to any of us tomorrow.  Just because your health may be fine, your age may be what is considered "too young to worry about dying," don't take tomorrow for granted. You NEVER know what the day is going to bring when you wake each morning.  LIVE it, do it, breathe it, accept it, make it happen, put it on the line, ask for love and forgiveness, and give it right back.

Please remember Miss Tracie in your prayers.  She has so many emotions to figure out.  Thank you, Friends!


  1. I am sorry for your loss, Tracie...

    My dad is also like pirate, though, heehee. I've never maintained a relationship with my natural father. It's his choice, and unlike Tracie's step-mother, mine is a not a help, but a deterrent. It is what it is...I am at peace with it. Besides, I have a dad. I love him dearly. Met him when I was 12 years old. I'm with you...there is something that snaps us out of whatever routine we have in life whenever someone we know or love passes away. Everything awakens and seems in technicolor. Grudges don't matter, the air smells sweeter...I wish we lived in that awareness every day.

    Thank you for sharing this part of your story with us.

  2. Despite the sad ending, it is a good story and lesson.

  3. So sorry Tracie. It's hard to lose a parent no matter the relationship. I'm married to a guy who has always maintained relationships with all his sons (three of them from two different marriages before ours) and I am so grateful for that. Be sure to say I love you every day to those who matter to you. No regrets.

  4. so sorry for the loss of your daughter's 'first dad'..she was most fortunate to have two men in her life that helped guide is short..tell the ones you love that you love them because you just never know..{{hugs}}
    and just a don't need to apologize or warn us if you are not writing about Rving..blogs are about life..good bad and indifferent!..take care..I will read no matter what you write about..

  5. You have our condolence's and prayers, Remember the Good die young, We are the same way, my son's girlfriends daughter is now MY Grandaughter, not step anything, she has moved right into her place in my heart and we are both loving it. How anyone could not have a little room in there heart for a child is beyond me. Be safe out there...Sam & Donna..