The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I’m here to say, “My Mommy isn’t smoking anymore! Shoutin’ from da rooftops!”



I’ve avoided over 300 cigarettes! Wahoo! That’s way cool.  Saved over $50, but spent much more than that so far…should flip the other way here in another couple of weeks.  I can’t put a dollar amount on my health, though.  I’m sleeping better, don’t stink! and my stamina is returning.  It’s easier to breath, I’m not panting at the top of the stairs…yeah!!


I did order another set of batteries for myself, as I find I am a ‘chain vaper!’ lol!!  I just wish a battery would last longer than 20 minutes…


We still haven’t heard from Pirate’s boss, so we still do not have a time frame.  We plan to be outta here soon, hoping May, but for sure by September.  Can’t wait to see YOU on the road!

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  1. 86 days, 2602 analogs avoided (131 packs)

    drum roll.....$1106.28 saved!! WOW!!