The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blu E-Cigarettes



So, yeah…WOW! We got our Blu e-cig in the mail on Thursday, and today is Sunday…yesterday I smoked 5 ‘real’ cigs (analog) and only because the batteries do not last very long…especially if you carry them in your pockie…not good! We also discovered that you need to pull or drag slow-slow-slowly and you will get lots of ‘smoke’ or vapor. 

Just think…no smoke smell infiltrating the RV!

No emptying ashtrays!

No pulling over to smoke!

No 2nd hand smoke killing our pets and each other!

No smelly hair or clothes!

No more tobacco stained fingers!

No more forking over mass amounts of $$$

No more searching for lighters!

No more taxes!

No more teacher’s dirty looks (had to see if ya were paying attention!)

No more hacking!

No more gross things being coughed up…that maybe were important body parts>>

No more worrying that after I smoke, then pet, Willie that he will be licking nicotine off his coat.

IN No more bad breath

No more being told where I can and cannot smoke!

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