The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We laughed, We cried, we celebrated

After well over a year of research, planning, yearning, hesitation, death of our Boy, the kids going all different directions, making back-up plans to the back-up we are!  April  Six months to the day of Boone's death.  It just amazes me that time has gone by that fast, and leaves me a little worried that I will blink and 10 years will have gone by!  The last 10 sure did...Tracie was 16 and my biggest worry was that I couldn't make all the other cars NOT drive next to her (don't laugh, but this was the hardest thing for me, knowing I couldn't protect her 24/7 anymore). Tony was losing his teen at 20, and our oldest, Amy, was a legal eagle at 21 and could drink wine with her Daddy.  Whew, it whizzed by!

I'll be working with Christine from General RV later today to order our home.  We get to join the Heartland Owner Club, Good Sam's, KOA and Camping World.  Yep, we have a huge learning curve ahead, but one we are ready to face head on and DEVOUR!!  It's finally GO TIME!!  Now, all of the little things we've been doing are starting to add up. I'm glad I have the pile of info on different states and towns, sent by their Chambers of Commerce, happily organized and waiting to be perused.

I'm glad I had a flash of "We could fit a catbox here" while looking over brochures of 5-ers.  We didn't have a cat at that time, but I figured we'd probably rescue one on the road.  I'll never forget that June evening when Tony came over, kitten in hand.  I simply said, "Is that for ME?" "Yep!"  "REALLY!" "Really, Mom...if you want it!"  Pirate knew instantly we now owned a cat and wisely did not say a word.  Thank Goodness Tony just came over instead of calling.  Smart man, my son!

Just as I knew I'd have a cat someday by looking at different models, when I saw the RW 405, I instantly thought, "Willie's treefort will fit here, next to the loft, so he can climb around up there." I just 'knew' this was to be our model.  And since we get to order it and we get to decided what does and does not get installed, we are in Heaven.  We are NOT getting those electric beds in the garage area, so now Pirate can use ALL of the wall space without worrying about machinery and leaving enough room.

We are so happy to be down sizing, simplifying, giving away our 'treasure' to the kids before we die.  How lucky is that, to be able to help your children while you're still kicking and they are still young enough to really be helped.  And we get to see them enjoy their stuff!  Yes, Tony purchased the Old Girl--at a steal of a price, by design--and we can't tell you the pleasure it gives us to have him ride over to the Condo on her.  It makes me get all sappy to watch father and son take of on the Harleys, be it a little putt or a big ride.  Knowing we're helping Tracie furnish her new life, making sure Amy has the things that mean the most to her and as the oldest, that she gets certain things meant for 'the oldest child' and darn it, both of the girls are having a hard time deciding what they want---they don't want to seem greedy.  We know who our kids are, Ladies!! :)

Pirate just left for one of his LAST days of work.  His comment out the door was, "This is the last time I'll stop at the dry cleaners!"  Oh, he can't wait to donate his suits and ties to the men's shelter!

We continue to miss our Beloved Boone, and hopefully we will get to have his ashes incorporated into the tattoo ink before we leave.  I'm thinking we have some appointments coming up soon, but I'm not sure.

I guess Miss Scooter and I need to get our game on and get moving.  There is a major storm headed towards us and my achy bones can feel it.  We may not get much else done today other than ordering the toy hauler.  That's still a great day's 'work!'

Can't wait to join y'all out there!

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