The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Re-Reading blog, your comments...

So, after re-reading the blog from start to finish, I seem a little schizzie!  We went from CY 396, RW 395, a reg 5th, back to a th, but looking at the 38 series.  Now, it's final, it's done...the RW 405 is ordered and being built..JUST FOR ME!!  YAY!!

Kinda funny that almost a year ago, Pirate was having severe cold feet.  Now look at us!

Our local Ford Dealership sent us a notice that there was a recall notice for the computer chip and this fix would help with gas mileage, etc.  Well, now the truck won't even start!  We are being extremely patient and allowing them time to make it right...before we go medieval on their asses.

Now Miss Tracie is wanting to move to Seattle!  Her dream has always been in that city, so we're behind her 100%.  We had to kinda put a damper on her plans with a dose of the 'hey, take your time and make smart choices here' because she was on a 2 week plan.  Now she's going to wait just one more month so she can save her dollars and give us the time to arrange things so we can help with the move.  She will rent a storage unit there in IF, then, we will travel to IF, after we rent storage here, and combine assets, move beds and big items to Seattle after that point.

We're hoping to travel to Michigan around mid-May to pick up the Hauler.  That should be perfect timing all around.

Willie says hello to his fans!

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  1. I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures once you hit the road! :)