The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meowy Christmas!!

Well, sure haven't been keeping this blog updated...going to have to start getting serious soon!  Our Tracie was offered (and accepted) a management position in Idaho Falls, Id!!  God sure put her in the right place for us to regularly visit with her...what with the entrance to Yellowstone Park right there!  We are sooo proud of her for following her dreams and believing in herself.  She will do soo awesome!!  Her personal life is going forward, as well and we are so excited for her!  2011 is going to be The Year of the Tracie!

Willie continues to make us laugh and astound us with his 'dog-like' abilities.  Willie can fetch better than Scooter and also responds to the whistle or clicks.  Scootie Boots is still adjusting to being an 'only dog.' I know that once Pirate is home full time Scooter will truly blossom.  Poor thing is constantly 'on' because when Daddy isn't home, her J-O-B is to protect me.  It's going to be amazing to watch her flourish!

We have decided it's a toy-hauler for us.  We really hope to find a CY 3812 in our price range.  We just need that garage and loft for our storage space.  What were we gonna all the containers in the living room, lol?  The other draw-back will be the TH's only come in Queen beds, so looks like Tracie will be getting our King-size Sleep Number bed. :( for us :) for Trace!

Our beautiful Bella was born a little after 10 pm Monday night.  YAY!!

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